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Lay Visitors

Five ladies within our congregation have answered the call to serve as Lay Visitors. These women will be working with Pastor Harry to help provide congregational care to our people. They will visit our homebound members, do visitation when someone is in the hospital, and also provide special needs visitation. They will give home communions when appropriate.

This does not mean that Pastor Harry will not provide any pastoral care. He will do his best to be available when you need the services of a pastor. However, it is of great benefit to the church to have lay people who can use their gifts to share in this important ministry.

We welcome to our Lay Visitation Team Robin Byers, Cindy Hauser, Faye Kendig, Judy Rogers, and Betty Smoker. May God bless your work among us!

Healing Services

On the first Sunday of each month, as part of our worship time, there is an emphasis on healing. Time is taken from the service to pray specifically for those desiring God’s healing in their life, and to anoint them with oil if they desire it.

Healing was a huge part of Jesus’ ministry. Jesus preached, taught, and healed, all as part of His announcing that God’s kingdom was breaking into the world through Him. When we read the New Testament we see that the early church continued this ministry of Christ, and there are specific instructions for the church to anoint the sick with oil and pray for their recovery (see James 5:14-16).

There are many ways that we can be sick or dysfunctional. All of us, in one way or other, is broken. We may need healing from past hurts, from an unforgiving spirit, from discouragement or hopelessness. We may have relationships that need healing, or perhaps we need healing in our relationship with God. Some of us need emotional healing, or moral healing, becasue there is sin in our life that’s hindering our living the fullness of life God intends. And, of course, prayers for physical healing are an integral part of any healing service.

Our monthly healing emphasis is an opportune time to invite someone to church, especially if that person has no church home. Please pray that these healing services will be a time when God works wonders and brings wholeness to many people, for His glory!